Trigger a parachute on long failsafe action FS_LONG_ACTN

On the view of the UAV-Operator and owner it is most always the best scenario to have RTL/RTH for rescuing the airplane.

Regarding official governmental rules, we face other needs. While discussig with government authorities, we heard, they want to have the UAV landed securely by parachute on signal lost. Nothing else than a paracute.

Therefore our question - is it possible to use the long failsafe action, to trigger aparachute?

I would need a signal who changes from PWM 1000 to 2000 on one of the chanels AUX1 to 6 when FS_LONG_ACTN is activated.

Is it possible with the current firmware to trigger something like this, or do I have to open a github issues?

Best wishes

This is not possible with the current firmware. Please open a github issue for an enhancement.

Thanks, Grant.