Trigg and CAM out of Sync?

I was using version 1.3.70 and recently upgraded to the newer 1.3.72 version.
Current copter version 3.6.12

All has been well with missions until the upgrade to 1.3.72
I do typical lawn mower missions, using RTK/Inject.
For some reason the camera shots are either missing or not spaced correctly, please see attached image.

Could it be that the Copter version needs upgrading also?
I’ve linked the *.BIN if this is helpful.
BIN File

Hope someone can point me in the right direction as I have a upcoming gig,


what trigger type did you use when you planned the mission? distance?

Yes, here is a screen shot.

Note: I downgraded back to 1.3.70 yesterday and ran identical mission(s) at same location and all CAM were nicely spaced. Not sure what’s going on.

Thanks for responding :wink:

Wondering if you had any followup on what the issue might be…

your settings show me your using cam_trig_dist. this is controlled by the autopilot and the gps position. so my guess is that you have a poor gps fix or maybe a ir camera trigger thats not 100% working. its hard to say, but i dont think mission planner is causing this issue

The vendor that built the aircraft installed copter 3.6.12 and i have never upgraded, would that present a conflict with the latest version mission planner? The cam trig has worked flawlessly since I went back to MP 1.3.70

Can you give the current beta mp a try?

I can try today… If not Mon… thx…

Apologies, but just to make sure I’m installing the beta mp, is it this link…?

open MP, got help, click update beta

All is well using the 1.3.7542.16580 beta. Guess I’ll stay with this build until the next stable version is released. Thx for your help…