Tricopter V 3.4 Yaw block when arming

Hi Pilots!

I have just built my first tricopter on PixHawk. Everything works fine exept the yaw.

When I arm the yaw is running full throttle one way and cannot be moved by rc.

Anyone know what that could be or how to find out?

Can you share a log please? Thank you.

I have downloaded the logfiles, but don’t know which to send. They are too big to send all.

We want a .bin file. If you can’t figure out what the file is, you might upload a zip somewhere (Onedrive, Dropbox, etc.) and share a link. (865.4 KB)
Thank you, here you have 3 .bin files

I am using a KST S115MG mini digital servo, connected to channel 7.

The Pixhawk has an SBEC 5V Power Supply on Aux 2. The Wires of the KST are connected Black to Ground, Red to 5V and Orange to Signal.

Hi TriDelrin,

I can see in the log that you are getting output to channel 7. Do you have another servo you can plug in or a servo tester you can use to look at the output?

Hi Leonardhall, thank you I have changed the servo to the exact same one and it is working.
Unfortunately the yaw has a little jitter noise all the time which does not sound healthy.

The flying ability seems not to be disturbed by that because the yaw is working fine, but I guess like this it will burn out soon…

Is there a way to change the off Frequency. I have already worked with some ferrite rings and clips, which helped a little but it is still doing zzzzzzz kk zzzzzz kk zzzz :frowning:

@TriDelrin Please share a new log, it is harder for Leonard to help without them.

Hi TriDelrin,

Digital servos will tend to buzz but you should also drop the INS_GYRO_FILTER to 5 to 10 Hz I think.

Leonardt, thanks for your work for tricopter, yaw feel very good and rovk solid on a few tries I’ve buolt and run on ac3.4rc1. May I ask what is a time frame for RC2? I know there is a bug in alt conversion from cm to m in rc1, I do experience it regularly, I though that it was something related to GPS alt as copter would momentary jump half a meter as number of sats changed. I have frsky telemetry out and its very easy to notice. Since I’m using pixracer on one of the copters I am pretty much mandated to use AC3.4 just as all the quad/hexa guys with pixracers, we would surely appreciate rc2 with a fix, which is already in the PR. Thanks MUCH!