Tricopter tail servo settings strange behavior

We have a tricopter drone with tail servo holding rear motor. It was working ok. But than we discovered that our tail servo movements would be nice to limit for extreme positions. So far we were flying with default min limit 1100 and max 1900 and yaw angle 30 degrees.
After changing to new limits SERVO7_MIN = 1200, SERVO7_MAX = 1700, MOT_YAW_SV_ANGLE = 20 it started to feel sluggish reacted slowly to copter yaw movements and sometimes even not turning itself.
Is it normal expected behaviour? By changing limits should we also somehow limit also the remote output min max? Tune PIDs? I am a little surprised of that drone reaction as were expected no changes of flight dynamics because of this new settings.
Any ideas?

Also it is not clear how limits are realized in copter, if remote sends in maximum lets say 2000, does it just cuts excessive amount or recalculates diapason accordingly?

Adjust yaw slew rate to max.

I’m pretty sure you should re-tune because the PID values issue based on % of full travel. If your physical travel is now only 80% of what it was, now the corrections will only be 80% of their value that you had tuned in before.

Ok. Thanks guys. I will try your recommendations.