Tricopter tail servo control

I’m using a tricopter frame setup. Is there a parameter that scales the movement of the tail servo? I tried to restrict the movement by adjusting the EPA (end points) on my transmitter but this affects the arming.

Adjust your endpoints, then do the radio calibration.
Works for me with AC 3.1.

Thanks, JNJ, for your suggestion. However, I was hoping to learn what software parameter, if any, exists that will scale each of the four control inputs. For example, on a KK2 flight controller it is the “I_LIMIT” parameter that will do what I want. Is there such a parameter for this board?

I’ll leave that to someone with more knowledge, unless the RCx_ parameters do what you are looking for.
They are set when you do the radio calibration.

Totally unrelated, but good to know;
There is an unsolved tail-wagging issue with TriCopters running ArduCopter.
Workarounds have been discussed here: -> viewtopic.php?f=25&t=6565

how do you adjust endpoints?

Hello, I have built a Tricopter using the Pixhawk controller. I am having problems with the Tail wagging. I saw a link here for work arounds that does not seem to work (404 page error)

I would really like to understand better what the issue is and how to address it. Your help is appreciated.

Thank you,

Steve King