Tricopter slow tail wobble - how to trim out?

Looking for suggestions on how to trim out slow yaw wobble running 3.01 tricopter software. I have perfect video except for a slow tail/yaw wobble back and forth. Looking for any suggestions to how I might be able to adjust this out.

I’ve worked with the YAW PIDs some but I haven’t been successful yet getting rid of the wobble. I might be adjusting the wrong parameter.

Just looking for perfect stationary video. I could covert to a quadcopter - but I like the way the tricopter is flying other than this small defect in my videos.

Any suggestions welcome.

Try lowering Yaw P. Had same issue yaw p at 8 now 6. Also angle offset about 3 degrees from center to fight the motor rotation. So physically have rear rotor off by about 3 degrees to counter rotation of prop spin. This will help any unwanted yaw when in flight.