Tricopter out of control in stabilize mode

Alright, i’ve made a tricopter. And a very simple one. No 3DR, no gps. Just arducopter, esc, props, motor, radio & battery. Trouble is, it is flying fine when i give small movement but suddenly go out of control and crash when i gave a slightly intense control. Here is what happen in detail:
First , i arm my arducopter and take off. Then i want it to hold at a position so i provide a slightly intense control but the whole tricopter suddenly went out of control, i demand for throttle to be set to idle to land immediately but no response for a few seconds. Only after crashing and waiting for a while did the motors came to idle.
I suspect that when i give more intense movements, it might trigger the tricopter to do something else. But all of my settings on my radio 5 is stabilize, no loiter, not alttitude hold. Please help me deal with this.