Tricopter - optional setup


In the Arducopter Instructiions, I found this picture: … ES_TRI.jpg

What should I set to use the optional setup?
Or recognize the firmware this setup?


A friend of mine has an APM’d tricopter. We started off with the option configuration (1cw and 1 ccw prop up front) and switched it to the other config using 3 identical props.

We found that at take off it would yaw and/or roll quite a bit and the mobius camera mounted underneath on an anti-vibration mount got a LOT of jello on it.

Switched back to 1cw and 1ccw prop up front and take off is now much more predictable and the jello has all but vanished from the camera.

Changing between prop config’s required no change to the code or parameters, we just changed the prop, and swapped 2 wires on the motor to make it spin the opposite direction.