Tricopter Motor question


I plan to build a tricopter out of some available spare parts I have and a cloned PixRacer running AC 3.5.3. So far, I have read the tricopter wiki and I have one stupid question: on the tricopter wiki page, there are two motor configurations, one with 3 CCW motors and one with two CCW and one CW motor. As my spare motors have ready-made threads (two with CW and one with CCW thread) can I use them? Is a two CW and one CCW motor configuration flyable with tricopter or I’ll have to get more motors?

Servo will be powered directly from a Matek PDB which has built-in 5V/12V BEC, motors are SkyRC 2830/950kV and ESC are 30A BLHeli.

Many thanks in advance for any help and advice.


You need to have either configuration set, I believe 2 CW 1 CCW will not fly at all. So you should order one CCW to make it fly.

Not true. Direction of the tail motor doesn’t matter: just a trim consideration. The tilt servo will fix the yaw.