Tricopter crash in Autotune

I build an rcexplorer like Tricopter.
Flew right out of the box :sunglasses: but i wanted to have an more responsive Copter like my quad.

So i tried Auto Tune on CH7 just like with my quad.

The Tri started to dance one time right one time left than again right not rolling back.
I was to slow to rescue the copter.

I don´t want to waste another set op props and tail servo in auto tune.
Hope someone can tell by the log file what went wrong.


I had the exact same problem today. RCExplorer Tricopter. Auto tune in alt-hold mode. It banked right 20 degr., Left 20 degr. and then 70 degr right wich resulted in the crash…

Any thoughts on the matter would by highly appreciated.

Providing tlogs and/or data flash logs will tremendously help in troubleshooting your issue.

I am new to the log-thingy. I downloaded the logfiles and in the subfolder Tricopter I found this. Hope this helpes.


What firmware version are you running by chance? 3.1.3? Or?

Yes, Latest firmware 3.1.3.

As far as I could research myself I think I had an out of sync ESC as I was using SimonK ESC’s. I am rebuilding my tricopter with Non-SimonK’s…