Triccopter with HK Pilot Mega Mini

Hello all:

I do not know if anyone has been using the HK Pilot Mega Mini piece of junk from Hobby King, but I wanted to know if you have, do the RX pins relate to the OUT pins on that controller. So far with the OUT pins from the ESCs it has held true to 1, 2, 4, and 7 (hopefully) for the servo, however, attaching the pin on the RX side, I get nothing…no throttle, to servo control nothing…I am beside myself as not even Hobby King has an answer from their own product, only how to sell it with no documentation.

I am getting nowhere fast and wanted to know if anyone got the RX to work with their transmitter and got throttle and servo control and what they did.

I have followed this, no good: … IN_enc.jpg