Tri & Y6 frame class mix

Hi, does anybody know if it is possible to have 2 props in opposite way on tail of a tricopter instead of only one driven by servo. I did not find a frame class in ArduCopter covering this kind of “architecture”. Y6 frame class has it for the tail but it requires the same opposite props pattern on the front. I just would like to mix Tri & Y6 classes :slight_smile: is it possible ? My goal is to check which approach is best for Yaw management in tricopter.

Well I mean something like this:
Any Idea ? Maybe could I use the Y6 with motor parameters tuning ?

Use Y4 if available, Quad X is also fine. I fly such one 10 years ago.

Will try Quad X as Y4 is not in 4.1:


It was in MultiWii :sleepy: