Tri VTOL with ESC over DroneCan creating servo7 tilt servo

Hi all.

I am aware of this pull request a while back: Plane: check motors has init, AP_MotorsTri: only check for yaw servo on copter by IamPete1 · Pull Request #15368 · ArduPilot/ardupilot · GitHub

My hardware setup is slightly different, all of my ESC’s and servos are over canbus. Whenever I reboot the autopilot my servo7 always resets to “39:Motor7/TailTiltServo”.

AP: mrocontrolzeroOEMH7 running:

commit 1f5165349efdf6884a657d04c7a0fcaa193070c3 ArduPlane V4.3.0dev

I’ve attached my parameters as well:
tilt_tri_attempt.param (19.5 KB)

If anyone has any insight I would very much appreciate it. Thanks!

What you you mean by “always resets”?

I assume it is not changing from a function you need? You would just like it to be disabled?

Have you tried manually setting it to a value and then back to zero?

I’ve set the servo7 param to 0 quite a few times and every reboot it comes back as 39.

I will try and set it to another function and see if it still overwrites. Could’ve swore I tried that, but I’ve tried a few things now. Hard to remember.

My gut feeling is that the checks in that PR don’t see CAN servos, causing some weirdness. But I really haven’t dug into it. Just a guess.

I don’t understand? CAN servos use the same SERVOx_FUNCTIONs as normal servos. Maybe you can explain in a little more detail.

Hi Peter,

Finally got back around to working on this tilt tri VTOL. I am on the latest master and this issue still persists. Hash is: 1240ed13 Arduplane 4.3.0.

I am attaching my latest parameters.
tilt_tri_all_motors_spin.param (19.4 KB)

In response to my last post - I was taking a stab at the cause of the issue with nothing to back it up. I was wondering if maybe because the ESC’s and Servo’s are all CAN the checks in the code to stop constantly writing servo 7 wouldn’t be effective any longer.

I’m really hoping this is something simple that I’m neglecting in the parameter config. @tridge and @iampete I know you guys are really busy but if you could kindly take a look I’d really appreciate it.