Tri Tilt VTOL, Bad Transitions from QStabilize to FBWA, Power drop to early

RCOut drops after 4 to 5 sec after Mode Switch. If the set airspeed Min is low (10m/s), may be it reaches the speed level before the power drops.
But when the set min speed is e.g. 13 m/s the power drops before the target speed is reached.

The logs of the showed graphs.
Test 48:
Test 52:
Test 53:

Or the video of Test 52 where the bad transition could be heared at 0 min, 47 sec.

@lorbass I’m sorry for your vegetables. :sweat_smile: And also really like your OSD! How did you make that? Can you explain, please :pray:

This is not a OSD it is a postprocessing of the video on the base of the ArduPlane Log and Dashware.
Dashware Homepage

Dashware Profile

Dashware Forum

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Video Tutorial (Link von David)

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@lorbass thank you so much. :pray: I will try it.