Trex 450 few questions


After some time I decided to bring my Trex 450 back alive and I have few questions if I may :slight_smile:

First, it’s a flybar heli and before anything else I wanted to make sure my blades and my rotor head are well balanced. I googled and googled and … but I cannot find a video how to balance the whole system, only blade balancing, which I have done. I do recall that I have seen a link to the video here, but couldn’t find it either.
So if someone could share the link.

Second, the servos on it are old analog ones (RCX MG-90S), should I start with them, or do I need to invest on a new digital set.

And last but not least, I have installed on it a Pixhack V2. I do have a brand new shiny V3X, but thought that for the first flights I could use the V2 and then when I learn to fly it well switch to V3X.
I’ve never flawn this bird, only the micro ones, so I’m expecting that I will eventually crash it. Will try my best not to, but…
What do you think?


Hi Igor,
Glad to hear that you are bringing your 450 back to life. Here is the link where I describe how to do a static balance on a rotor system

If you have the money then I would invest in the digital servos up front. That will definitely affect the tuning of the helicopter. Meaning that if you tuned with the old analog servos and then put the new servos on, you would probably want to retune with the new servos. So I would recommend installing digital servos to start with.

I don’t know much about what is different between the two controllers. I know the V3X performs very well on heli’s. I guess you could always start with the V2 and if you start seeing issues with it, then switch to the V3X.

Good luck and keep us posted on your project.


Thanks for your valuable help.
I’ve ordered a set of digital servos, and while waiting for them to arrive will do the balancing stuff.
Also, I will leave the V2 on it for now.