Trapped in ESC calibration mode

I urgently need some advice.
After changing a battery after a (successful) flight I was trying to use the camera trigger on CH7 (just for testing).
But neither the camera could be triggered nor it wasn’t possible to arm the copter.
Instead the propellers start spinning on increasing throttle. Back home I was trying to connect to my PX4 to have a look into the log files but after 2 or 3 seconds I was disconnected.
Then I was trying to connect from terminal. There I saw the message: ESC Calibration active: passing throttle through to ESCs
But I didn’t start ESC calibration. How is this possible? And furthermore, how can I cancel the ESC calibration mode?
I also flashed the same FW (v3.1.5). But the problem still exists. Trying to finish calibration also had no success. I’m very confused whether this issue might happen again in the future.
Does somebody have a clue?

Take off the props and see if calibrating your ESC’s this way helps: … esc-motor/


Thanks Mike,
I already did this since the CLI says it’s in ECS calibration mode. Unfortunately w/o success. Every time the ESC calibration is done the Ardupilot starts up in ESC calib mode again.
Meanwhile I switched to another autopilot and I think I will return this piece of hardware.

If somebody knows how to cancel the calibration process or how to wipe the eeprom please let me know.


try calibrating your radio, maybe it thinks the throttle is raised.

Did you unhook the Ch7 you were testing with?

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