Transport Canada Special Flight Operations Certificate Questions

I’m in the midst of applying for an Special Flight Operations Certificate from Transport Canada and am a bit confused by some of the documentation I’ve encountered with the Mission Planning AutoPilot software.

Can someone help?

The plan is for the Mission Planner to be paired with an RF-70, a fixed wing aircraft capable of sending battery voltage information via Pixhawk control link to the GCS.

Can I interrupt a flight to return to launch at any time (i.e., on click of a button instead of waiting for preprogrammed flight to end)?

Will lost link induce a Return to Launch function automatically?

In the case of a lost link function, is there anything programmed that will induce a preplanned landing? Or will it RTL and loiter only and then I will need to conduct a manual landing?

Is the time lapse for lost link customizable? If not, what is the threshold?

Can I cause the RF-70 to immediately induce a controlled landing (circular or linear) at any position with the push/click of a button?

Is the signal between my drone and the software encrypted against other GCS in the area?

How susceptible is my control link signal to environmental interference like cell towers or power lines? (I’m looking at a different drone for example that has spread spectrum frequency hopping which makes it very robust in defense against interference)

Can I tweak a preprogrammed flight midflight?

Are there visual warnings for GPS glitch, low battery, and barometer glitch in addition to the audible sounds?

Is there a visual and/or audio warning for lost control link?

Thank you for your help–I can see that there is a wealth of capability in this software, but I’m confused by some of the options and am struggling to pull cut and dried information from the layers of options.