Transmitter flight mode for using guided mode on ground station or tablet with Tower App


Still trying to understand automated controls a little better - i did read the wiki page on guided mode. still a little unclear though.

I have used AUTO mode to execute a planned out flight path, so that works fine.

In order to use “fly to here” or “fly to here alt” in Mission Planner, or use the Tower App to control the drone do I also need to set the transmitter to Auto?

Am i correct that it is not possible to fly with a tablet or ground station without a transmitter (not that i would want to)?

The way I understand it, is if you use a GCS to navigate with by Fly to Here in MP or waypoint flying on the GCS, it’s technically Guided mode. It’s not a mode you set with a radio.

As far as flying without a transmitter, I think it’s possible although I’ve never tried it.

Thanks Mark. Do you know does my transmitter need to be set to auto to use guided mode on a gcs or does it just override the transmitter?

Ok so it appears that changing the mode in Tower overrides whatever the Tx is set to. Toggling the Tx flight mode switch puts the copter back under the flight mode selected on the Tx.