Transmitter Based Tuning - options not in specified location

I cannot locate the place in Mission Planner to set the parameters for Transmitter Based Tuning.

The parameters still exist:

But these options no longer appear to be in their original location:

Is this no longer a recommended procedure?

If I am not mistaken, I saw someone saying that when you set this TUNE_ parameters, it is documented inside parameter list:

It’s fixed with chan 6 control you don’t need to set the option. Recommended or not I think it’s an indispensable feature.

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Excellent - thank you Dave!

My next task is to find a translation of the pull down list options with the parameters they adjust. Some are pretty easy to figure out - others, not so much.

Would you have access to such a reference?

Many thanks!

I think the descriptions in the table on the Transmitter based tuning wiki page is up to date.

A hint to make sure the configured parameter is working on your chan 6 pot. Connect and on the Extended Tuning screen turn the pot and then hit the Refresh screen button. You should see a change for that parameter on the screen. This feature was broken for awhile but it seems to be working now.

What I do is start with the pot on the low end and make some aggressive attitude changes, then turn the pot and repeat for 5 or 6 steps. Then review the log plotting RCIN6 along with whatever parameter you are looking at (Des P/P for example) and look for the best response, It can be time consuming!

Thank you for the tuning strategy advice.

I found the reference here: Transmitter Based Tuning — Copter documentation

I must have overlooked it the first time.

Many thanks again!