Transition missing in auto mode

Hi, I am writing this post to share a problem I am experiencing on a VTOL I am developing.
The aircraft has four tiltable poles… for the initial setup I followed the online doc step by step, the transitions from QSTAB,QLOITER,QHOVER ↔ FBWA work correctly the problem I have is when I want to fly in automatic the aircraft takes off in VTOL finished the take off it changes the target WP but it does not move from its position.
sometimes I read Airspeed wait, other times I read transition started at 1,x
Looking at the telemetry I noticed that the motors don’t start to tilts because the rc3in is not incremented (which happens in transition mode from radio control) … did you experience anything similar ?
I am using latest version of fw 4.4.0

here the link to the log bin