Traditional heli vibrations

Hi i m new here i was in the process of making a project with a flybar kit and i m having issues with it that it vibrates and on the logs i can see vibration going between 10-15 in y axis and lower in both z and x axis i tried my best mounting the fc using dampning balls used for pixhawk mount but stil there seems to ne lots of wobbling in heli can anyone help me on this

@Goobisofty please post a log.

Ok will upload when i go to my office cause the heli stays there

I have few right now

How do i upload logs i wont let me max size is 4mb hut logs are only 1-2 mb

00000022.BIN (281.0 KB)

Nothing useful in this small log let me upload bigger

00000015.BIN (740.3 KB)