Traditional Heli Sitl Operation Motor İnterlock Enabled

Hello my dear colleagues. I have just started working in the Ardupilot community. My goal is to integrate a control system into my rc helicopter. Before reaching this stage, I started to work on SITL in order to improve myself. I’ve completed all sub-installations, but I can’t lift the helicopter for 2 days due to the “engine interlock enabled” problem. When I researched the reason for this, I learned that the pwm settings on the rc channels or the direct channels should be edited. As a new beginner, how can I solve this problem on rc channels or pwm values in sitl environment.

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Hi @sefa_arslan,
You have to set the motor interlock channel low (1000 pwm) before it will allow you to arm. If you are running the SITL from Cygwin, wsl, or linux then you can just type “rc 8 1000” in the mavproxy window. Once the aircraft is armed then set channel 8 high (2000 pwm). Channel 8 is the default channel for motor interlock.

Or you can hook up a joystick to mission planner and use one of its channels to set the interlock. I use the real flight transmitter to do this since my computer will recognize it as a USB interlink controller.
Hope this helps.

@bnsgeyer Thank you for your answer. I had a successful takeoff by updating the firmware and doing what you said.

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