Traditional Heli motors will spin up when disarmed

I’m setting up a TRex 500 with a Mini Pix controller and RadioLink transmitter. I believe all of the initial calibrations and set are complete using Mission Planner, but there is a problem. The main rotor will spin up when the transmitter throttle is raised, independent of the arming or motor interlock status. Haven’t been able to find any discussions on this particular problem.

Sounds like you have the esc plugged into the wrong servo output on the flight controller. It should be plugged into the servo output assigned to the heliRSC function. The default is channel 8

Using a Mini Pix controller connected to receiver thru sbus. Mini Pix only has 6 outputs, with esc plugged into output 6. Controller is programmed to control esc with channel 8 out.

Please post a param file so I can look at your set up. You should be able to go into mission planner in the setup tab. Then go to the heli page. Set the servo 6 function to heliRSC and set the servo 8 function to none.

Switching the channels appears to have worked. Rotors will not turn when not armed. I now have transmitter channel 6 as heliRSC, with the throttle set up as pass-thru. It’s connected to a variable switch on the transmitter, so that I can set to 0 in order to arm, and then turn it up to enable the main rotor at any of the three ESC governor preset speeds. Thanks for your help!

Great! Glad to hear you got it working properly. Just so you know, the RSC passthrough mode will pass through what ever your RC receiver gives it in the event of the receiver losing the transmitter signal and going into failsafe mode. So make sure the receiver will hold the last value on channel 6 otherwise it will shutdown the engine.

Thanks. I’ll check the failsafe operation. If the receiver doesn’t hold, is there an alternative setup?