Traditional Heli APM help

Hi All,

Hoping that someone can help with Traditional Heli setup on a APM 2.6. Please excuse if I get any of the terminology incorrect, I’m not that experienced in regards to CP helis

I have setup my Turnigy 9x controller (As per the wiki) on acro mode, when moving my cyclic eveything works as expected and the apm is reacting correctly to movements however when moving the throttle up and down it doesn’t increase / decrease the pitch.

If I change to heli mode in my controller, the pitch does increase / decrease however I cant get it to arm(guess its something to do with the channel mixing)


A guy on DIY drones has solved it, turned out I was using the wrong heli mode! … li-apm-hel

I have the same issue. But, the link for answer is not working.

Anyone can explain what Heli mode I need to configure My 9XR to make it complain with APM in traditional Heli Mode ? Or send the new link ?

Thanks !