Tradition Heli project suggestion needed

I have idea to build a tradtion Heli to use in some application.

requirment can be as below

  1. Fully unmaned flight
  2. 30kg payload. ( Can be reduced no more than 20% if it is really hard to achieved)
  3. 30km flight radius full telemetry control.
  4. 1.5 to 2 hours flight time.
  5. economic acceptable. (for this point, I have no idea, I dont know if around USD 30,000, it can be done?)

I got some suggestion in old DIYdrone bulletin, maybe here people are easy to discuss by the topic.

Thanks for you guys.

This is a really difficult performance specification. The only machine I’m aware of that would do it is the Yamaha RMax which is huge.

10kg is much more possible with a “hobby-sized” machine. A 700-size gas powered machine should have little trouble lifting 10kg. Flying for 1+ hour is easy. Now, flying for 1+ hours with 10kg, that might be tricky, I don’t know.

I can’t recommend any specific machines, but I like the Miniature Aircraft Whiplash gasser.