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Tradition Heli Pitch Range

(David Ardis) #1

I have a Trex 450 flying with Traditional Heli 3.5.1 If you can set the low middle and High points on the Pitch and Throttle why do I still need to run with a pitch range of -10 to +10. The machine is never intended for aerobatics and I would be more comfortable with a pitch range from -2 to +10


David Ardis

(Chris Olson) #2

You don’t need that pitch range for normal flight. I would suggest maybe setting at least -4 degrees in case the autopilot needs to make the heli come down in a strong wind gust with the main rotor in ETL. In Stabilize you can set your collective pitch range with the IM_STAB_COL params to limit the maximum negative pitch too.

For beginners who tend to panic by pulling the collective to the bottom when things go bad, you could limit the pitch to zero in Stabilize for learning so it doesn’t slam the heli on the ground quite so severe in the panic ‘pull the collective lever back’.

It is nice to have a bit of negative collective available in sport or scale type manual flying, however. For example, in the instance you have strong wind and have just landed, and want to “plant” the heli good before spooling down so it doesn’t get caught by a wind gust and tipped over.

(David Ardis) #3

That’s much nicer hovers much better more it did before the flight controller went in.


David Ardis

(Chris Olson) #4

Glad it worked out! Yes, limiting that negative collective pitch range, which is only really necessary for Acro, makes the collective a lot smoother for scale flying so you can have better collective precision for hovering, without having it be so snappy.

And even in Acro, if you try too much inverted flight with it, or try any 3D type stuff, you’ll blow the EKF anyway, and lose the attitude solution. So I don’t really know why that much negative collective range is recommended in the documentation for a UAV helicopter. -4 degrees even makes asymmetric airfoils that create lift at zero pitch come down pretty much like a rock :grinning: