TradHeli Phase Angle Tested

Hello, phase angle input for tradheli in ground control station is seen as -30 and 30 degrees.

How do you know that this angle range is sufficient for a rigid rotor heli?

Has anyone done tests and benchmarks before?

I seem to have achieved the optimum value at 7 degrees in my own helicopter, but in the literature this angle (maybe the reference point is different) varies between 60-80 degrees.

Please post detailed pictures of the rotorhead, swashplate driver and swashplate assembly.

Hi Michael,
First, I apologize that there isn’t better information in the wiki regarding this setting. Rotor coupling is an area where we could definitely improve.

I have done some experiments and determined the phase angle for one of my RC Heli’s with a very rigid rotor. I believe I determined the rotor phase leg to be proximately 75 deg. This is the angle from where the max cyclic input is made to the angle where the max blade flapping occurs. The parameter in the code adjusts the angle where the max cyclic input is made. So in my case this parameter would be set to 15 deg. Here I would want the max cyclic to occur 15 deg after where the swashplate is mechanically set to provide max input. Thus I would then get a pure flapping response.

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