Tracker lags in position in both pitching and yawing

I got the tracker (AT v1.1.0) working to track (not exactly) the quad.

But during tracking, the tracker does not point exactly to the quad, either in altitude (pitching)
or in left and right position (yawing offset ). But it follows the quad only in the direction of movement.

Attached is the parameter for trouble shooting. Could it be the P, I, D settings of pitch and yaw ?

Thank you for your help.
Param__works__but pitch n yaw lag behind.param (8.5 KB)

Yes, use GSD_PID_MASK param to improve, as explained for rover here,

Thank you Pete.

But I cannot check both Piddesired and Pidachieved in the “Display This” window. When I check the second , the first will disappear in the “Display this” window. How do you do that ?

Also after clicking Tuning, I got “HW Voltage” graph displayed, and I cannot get rid of it, even after exit and enter again(see attached). And the PIDdesired and Pidachieved never get displayed. Pls advise.

Thank you in advance for your help.

update mission planer, either to stable or beta.

I update MP from 1.3.71 to 1.3.72, it did not help.

In fact, this problem existed for a long time, probably 2 years ago. So I think it is not the version.

I am running on Window 7. Not sure if this is the cause.

Thank you.

Did you find any solution?

No, still stuck. I tried using Windows 10 with the same result.

Do you also encounter the same problem ?

Yes, the same problem

Hi Rustycraft,

Any progress on the lagging of pitching and yawing of tracker ?

HI, not yet. It is a headache.

Did you get any help from forum ?

I did not.

and do PID tuning. Seem like it works for me.

Hi Frankie,

Have you tried to adjust the tracker pointing using the PITCH_TRIM and YAW_TRIM parameters?


Thanks Greg.

Have adjusted and made a wild guess to adjust to 5 for each of the trim for PITCH and YAW.

Will try it in the field next time.

Thank you for your continuous support.



Could you share your PID tuning to see if it works on my tracker ?

Will try to adjust the PITCH_TIRM and YAW_TRIM as suggested by Greg.

my PID’s. But it makes no sense for you. Because it really depends on the servo type.