Tracker-4.5.3 released!

Tracker-4.5.3 has been released as the stable/official version for rovers and boats and can be installed using Mission Planner, QGC or downloaded directly from

The changes vs 4.5.2 can be seen in the ReleaseNotes and they’re also copied below.

  1. Board specific enhancements and bug fixes
  • correct default GPS port on MambaH743v4
  • added SDMODELV2
  • added iFlight Blitz H7 Pro
  • added BLITZ Wing H743
  • added highres IMU sampling on Pixhawk6X
  1. System level minor enhancements and bug fixes
  • fixed rare crash bug in lua scripting on script fault handling
  • fixed Neopixel pulse proportions to work with more LED variants
  • fixed timeout in lua rangefinder drivers
  • workaround hardware issue in IST8310 compass
  • allow FIFO rate logging for highres IMU sampling

The most important fix is the Lua script related item bolded above. It is very rare but in some unfortunate cases, if the lua script stopped it could cause the main C++ code to fail as well.

Thanks to the developers and beta testers who contributed to this release!

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Hello @rmackay9 , Is this a mistype?? Do you mean Antenna Tracker FW instead of Rover?
Thank you very much anyway, I hope can fix my problem when using very old Fw.

Hi @ton999,

Thanks for noticing, I’ve fixed the typo now

Sorry for the slow reply, I was off on vacation for a couple of weeks