Tracker 4.2.0-beta1 available for beta testing

Tracker 4.2.0beta1 has been tagged for beta testing. It should be available for download in the following hours from the firmware server (ArduPilot firmware : /AntennaTracker/beta), and perhaps via your GCS.

These are the release notes for 4.2.0-beta1. Due to the long interval between releases these are somewhat incomplete.

AntennaTracker 4.2.0 beta1 25-May-2022
Changes from 1.1.0
1) Many new supported boards
2) New sensor support
3) PID improvements
4) Filtering improvements
5) Integrate AP_Stats library
6) Scripting support
7) Logging improvements
8) Improvements to GCS communications
9) Option to scan before vehicle found
10) Innumerable system-level improvements; see Copter and Plane 4.2 release notes

Peter Hall and I will be happy to review any and all feedback on this beta - any you can supply is greatly appreciated!

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