Tracker 4.2.0-beta1 available for beta testing

Tracker 4.2.0beta1 has been tagged for beta testing. It should be available for download in the following hours from the firmware server (ArduPilot firmware : /AntennaTracker/beta), and perhaps via your GCS.

These are the release notes for 4.2.0-beta1. Due to the long interval between releases these are somewhat incomplete.

AntennaTracker 4.2.0 beta1 25-May-2022
Changes from 1.1.0
1) Many new supported boards
2) New sensor support
3) PID improvements
4) Filtering improvements
5) Integrate AP_Stats library
6) Scripting support
7) Logging improvements
8) Improvements to GCS communications
9) Option to scan before vehicle found
10) Innumerable system-level improvements; see Copter and Plane 4.2 release notes

Peter Hall and I will be happy to review any and all feedback on this beta - any you can supply is greatly appreciated!


Hi, I have found previous Tracker versions to be troublesome. I am making good progress with your beta version. Your notes mention “Option to scan before vehicle found”. Scan is overriding my 180 degree yaw range when it operates. Can you tell me how to disable scan or limit the scan yaw range? Regards, Don

This firmware makes the telemetry radios very hot and eventually burns out if operated for long. I have tried this with two different sets of radios. Reverting to version 1.1.0 fixed the issue.

Hi Peter,

can the tracker firmware also be controlled with CRSF protocol via Bluetooth? If so, is the Bluetooth module simply connected to Telem1/2? With which protocol is Telem1/2 then configured?