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Tracker-1.1 Officially Released

Hi Peter - I had tried not arming and/or disarming with the safety switch but that didn’t seem to help. Your suggestion made me give it another try though, and I discovered you have to hit ‘start’ on the compass calibration when you are not connected to the antenna tracker at all. I’m using the ESP8266 wifi module to connect to MP from the pixracer, unsure if that’s what was giving me the grief. Either way, by hitting start with the tracker disconnected, the connection happens and the calibration starts. At last!
The issue remains that I cannot check the ‘enable compasses’ box - but the compasses are definitely enabled in the params list so not sure that’s a huge problem.

This is not arming/disarming that is just the saftey state. You will have to manually disarm via the GCS.

The HUD shows ‘disarmed’ until I press the switch. But either way, it works by not connecting to the tracker first so I’m all set now.

Hi @iampete thank you, I had the same issue with the calibration on my Mini Pix. @Adam_Kelly It dint work with just disarm but I set the mode to “STOP” and then it allowed me to Calibrate the accel and compass.

Having now worked on the tracker for a couple of days I’ve found the only reliable way to do the compass calibration is:

  • power on the tracker, press the safety switch
  • connect in mission planner
  • change mode to ‘stop’
  • disarm in mission planner
  • use compass calibration button

that’s how it’s working for me, anyway.


Here’s a video where we can see my tracker in action:

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