Tower Waypoint with negative height

Hi. Maybe Tower is no longer being developed.

Any way to put a negative height on waypoint?

Need this for starting up hill

Yes, in the settings, under Advanced Settings, set the Minimum Altitude Value to whatever you would like to be able to use for negative relative altitude for planning flights. It will then work fine.

I do not know what the current development status of Tower is, but I believe it is still under active development. It was originally designed for the 3DR Solo and is now a full-featured mobile app for all UAV’s flown with ArduPilot. QGroundControl for Android is also being actively developed, and has either caught up to, or surpassed Tower, in some areas of functionality. Tower has one advantage in interopability with the other PC-based ground stations in that it still uses the plain text format for storing and/or loading missions. QGroundControl uses the GeoJSON file format. Both are actually very good.

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not sure how I missed that setting, thanks!

Now I need to go test it–find a hill to fly from.

In the past, I did get strange behavior when setting a waypoint to “0m”, the Solo ignored the altitude (it kept the altitude of the previous waypoint).

wish me luck!

Dave, it should work. There’s a WP_NAVALT_MIN parameter that applies to minimum navigation altitude in auto landing or takeoff. I don’t think that should affect what you want to do though.

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Ok, I tried it and it worked.

I only did -2m or so, and the Tower screen confirmed it.

Next, I want to try ROI with negative altitudes, this will help a lot getting the camera angle a little more where I want it.

Thanks Chris!