Tower v4.0.0 Beta 1 Released

Beta 1 for Tower v4.0.0 is now available on the Play Store!

Here are some of the highlights for this release:

  • Remove dependency on 3DR Services
  • Compass calibration support for Solo and ArduCopter v3.4 or higher
  • Restore vehicle history screen
  • Ability to export the vehicle flight path as a mission
  • Deprecate ‘.dpwp’ mission file for ‘.txt’ mission file to improve compatibility with other GCS
  • Autosave last survey preferences
  • Fix invalid altitude frame for Follow-Me and Guided mode
  • Fix Takeoff mission waypoint for plane vehicles

The full changelog can be found on github.


I saw the update last night, nice to see vehicle history back in.

Thank’s Freddia, nice release :smiley: ; now can we remove 3drservices? isn’t more necessary?

Yes, it can be fully removed.

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