Tower, Rover, Follow Me

Hello. I’ve searched but cannot find solid info on whether this feature is supported for Rover. Works great for Copter, but the option does not appear when using Tower/Rover. Follow Me is supported in Rover via Mission Planner but it would be greatly useful if we could use a phone or tablet running Tower instead of a Laptop w/ a GPS. Is there an open feature request?

While the rover user base may be smaller than copter, there is strong interest in this feature from users in a few of the facebook groups. Is Tower development still active?

There is some Tower development, but I have been busy with other projects. I’m planning to get an official release out

The follow-me is hidden for rover currently, but that is an easy fix

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Thanks for the reply Bill. Fingers crossed, would love to see this added!

Hi bill. I am also seeking follow me mode with my rover. Is this something you see happening any time soon? Or do you know of any other follow me methods without using a laptop (android iPad iPhone etc)? Thanks!


My whole reason to build a Rover was to use this after assuming it was in Rover as it is in Copter. So another plus one for this addition, thanks!

Any updates on this feature?

Would be great to test this


Bumpity bump! Happy new year to all. I know devs have their hands full with various projects here. It has been mentioned that this (follow me) functionality exists and could be an easy fix. Is it possible to release something that could be tested by the small group waiting patiently here? Pretty please? =)

+1 for me. I’m just discovering Ardupilot; my target project is to build a boat that will track a crew (rowing) shell for practice video. Tower Follow Me + Ardupilot Rover seems likely to be the key for this application.

Thank You!