Tower mobile app

I went flying using the Tower mobile app for the first time. I was using my LG 3 cell phone. I was able to connect, arm, & take off using my cell phone. Once my drone was in the air i was unable to use my transmitter radio to control the drone. I landed using my phone. I then closed the app and was able to fly normally using the tx radio. My question is: is there a way i can use the Tower mobile app to arm and take off then use the tx radio to control the drone in flight while using the app as my ground station (gps, telemetry, etc…)?

please post in the correct forum

What’s the correct forum?

I have just moved your post to a more appropriate category where it is likely to be seen by people who can help.

Did you try changing flight modes with the Tx?

No I did not. & thanks for moving my post for me.