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Tower/Mission Maker Can't Connect to SITL

(coolcatice) #1

I followed the directions here to download SITL. It seems to be successful as I can execute the commands in the map like it suggested. I’m also able to connect SITL to Mission Planner via a UDP connection on port 14550 as the directions explained. I later executed an additional command to ensure one of the outputs of SITL is the IP address of my Android tablet (Galaxy Tab A 2016): /home/UserName/ardupilot/Tools/autotest/ -L 3DRBerkeley --console --out :14550 --map

However, when I downloaded the latest version of Tower on my tablet (which is Mission Maker in the Google Play Store), when I run SITL on my laptop and try to connect to Mission Maker via UDP, nothing happens. I’ll open Mission Maker while SITL is running, enter the correct UDP port/connection info, and hit “Connect,” but nothing happens (no error message, no successful changes in the map).

What am I missing?