Tower (Droidplanner3?) offline maps...different?

I followed all the directions in the various locations…including.

and … dplanner2/

I put my maps in the proper location.

With the use offline maps checked, I get a blank tan page in place of the no map data grid.

So just to see, I unplugged from the computer, turned off wifi and started Tower…same thing, blank tan map.

Just for fun I deselected ‘use offline maps’ and took a look…still with wifi off and unplugged from computer.

Now droid planner showed every level of zoom that I had imported.

So with ‘use offline maps’ checked, no map… unchecked, saved maps.

What is the issue, and if I reconnect to wifi does it wipe out the previous saved maps? (I guess I will find out soon enough)

Exactly same issue here! Please can someone clarify?

Seems Droidplanner 3 Offline Map folders are now located under the root folder ‘Tower’. Offline Maps have to be placed there.