Tower crashing on galaxy s6 with 3.3 rc9

Hey guys, I have been having an issue with my Samsung s6 crashing when I connect to tower via USB otg cable and 915mhz radios. Using the same radios, I am able to connect using my nexus 7 tablet, but the Samsung phone always crashes. I also just did a factory reset on the phone to hopefully resolve the issue bit that didn’t resolve the issue.

As I recall, tower was working fine with usb otg on rc 7 or 8, but now no longer works without crashing. Can anyone offer any insight or suggestions on getting this working again?


This has been happening to me, too. I haven’t found any information on why this is happening. I have an up to date US Cellular Samsung Galaxy S6, and whenever I connect my 915 mhz 3dr telemetry to the phone via OTG and connect to the quad, Tower works for about 10 seconds, and then freezes, and then the phone resets itself.

I tested this on my Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Pro tablet, and that works just fine.

I this a problem with the S6, or Tower (or both)?

Any help is much appreciated, it’s a shame this doesn’t work on one of the most popular phones…