Tower app crashing when connecting FPV receiver to phone

I am trying to use the tower app with telemetry and fpv. So I still need to order the telemetry online, but I already have an otg fpv receiver, when I connect it to my phone and start the app it immediately crashes. If I open the app then connect the receiver, it crashes anyway. Any suggestions?

I’m using version 4 of the Tower app, 3DR services installed, android 10 phone (Samsung A50)

Note: on my tablet with android 8 it works perfectly!

You don’t need 3DR services installed for Tower v4.x

Likely this issue is that Tower has not seen updates in nearly 5 years, and has not been tested against newer Android versions for compatibility.

Do you have another GCS you can use?

I have mission planner software on my phone, but it’s not ideal with the interface it has. What GCS you would suggest I use?

If you’re using mavlink/ArduPilot on mobile, I can’t recommend Solex highly enough.

For desktop, I use Mission Planner.

I’ve been trying to learn more of QGroundControl as well.