Tower app and TBS Crossfire - RC Failure Message

I tried to use the tower app on a Galaxy Tab with the TBS Crossfire, Firmware 1.34. The Crossfire recieves the mavlink telemetry. To connect them with Bluetooth was no problem, and so far, everything seems to work.

But there is one small issue: The Tower app brings up an RC Failsafe error periodically. But because the pixhawk on board does not fall into failsafe mode and also there are no problems recorded in the log files, this seems to be an erratic failure message.

Any ideas?

Can you post the issue on the Tower issues tracker and attach the app log and vehicle tlog files to it. I’ll take a look to find out the issue.


Done, thanks!
I attached a link to Tower’s tlog file, what other log do you need?

@fingadar thanks for the logs. Seems like the issue was fixed by someone from TBS Crossfire:

Thanks, I’ll test it during the next days!