Tower 4, tlogs whereabouts - and structure scan photos

I’m having issues with Tower 4. First - structure scanner doesn’t take photos. Isn’t it supposed to do that automatically?

Second, and very annoying - I can’t find the tlogs on the android device anymore. Normally they reside under Internal storage/Android/data/ (Nvidia Shield tablet)

Today I saw there was an “export flight path as a mission” option, but when I exported, it asked me to “verify the mission”… but nothing more happened.

Thanks in advance!


Look at menu-history-then check the folder upper right and see if you can see the tlogs there.

how can I download/share a tlog file from Tower installed a Nexus 5 phone?
I can watch the Flight History but can´t downloaded it or save it “outside” the app

I’m in the phone now but go to Diy drones Tower group and you can find there, where are the logs archives, I don’t remember exactly now but not easy to find by your oun.

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