Tower 4.0.0 Follow Mode Not Working

Hello, after the latest tower update the app will not engage follow mode. The button stayed orange and the drone continues to hold position, although it does change to guided mode. I tried older versions of the app and the drone just descends until hitting the ground. I have uploaded the tlog here (please note it is not a full log, i was trying different app versions). I hope somebody can help.

i have the same problem button stay’s orange forever even adjusted the hdop value whit out any effect drone having hdop 1.3 and the phone or tablet 1 to 1.5 so that should be good to go
i had a 3dr solo before and it to would not move in follow mode neither also having telemetry through wifi hope someone can help

Same here with my 3DR Solo. To add information, even though the Tower app says it is in “Guided” mode, my Solo’s transmitter screen says it is in “Brake” mode, which is certainly the behavior that I’m observing when it is up there. Did the Mode enumerations change in Tower or AP? I know the Solo is operating off a pretty old version of AP, but I couldn’t imagine that AP would re-enumerate the modes and break old builds.