Touching the Telemetry Radio Serial Cable Causes Power Failure

We are running Arducopter 4.0.5 on a Cube Orange with a Holybro Telemetry Radio and numerous other peripherals. These include a hereflow GPS, laser altimeter, and an optical flow sensor. Whenever we touch/move/reposition the serial cable connecting to the telemetry radio that runs to the flight controller’s Telem1 all of the peripherals lose power. The most obvious of which is the GPS which starts blue fading and then flickers irregularly and loses power. These power losses are until we power cycle the drone, they do not regain power if we reboot the flight controller. I have attached a log of once the power outage has happened and what appears in mission planner when connected over USB. I can capture a log of the power failure happening if that would be helpful in solving it.

The POWR.Flags is 15, which decodes to

MAV_POWER_STATUS_BRICK_VALID=1, / main brick power supply valid | /
MAV_POWER_STATUS_SERVO_VALID=2, / main servo power supply valid for FMU | /
MAV_POWER_STATUS_USB_CONNECTED=4, / USB power is connected | /
MAV_POWER_STATUS_PERIPH_OVERCURRENT=8, / peripheral supply is in over-current state | /
MAV_POWER_STATUS_PERIPH_HIPOWER_OVERCURRENT=16, / hi-power peripheral supply is in over-current state | /
MAV_POWER_STATUS_CHANGED=32, / Power status has changed since boot | /

So you have an overcurrent on the peripheral bus, very likely a short on the radio cable or in the radio. Inspect and replace the cable and/or radio.


Yes @Eosbandi you are right i was only checked voltage status
I will remove my post to dont mislead others

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Thank you, Swapping out the cable seems to have fixed the issue.