Total newbie to Ardupilot

Hello Guys,
I am totally new to Ardupilot framework. I am interested in Ardupilot for drone purpose.
So my question is very simple: Where should I start?

I believe that copter is the most adapted framework.

I have another question: what is the most adapted drone for Adrupilot on the market; which is simple and easy (If there’s any?)

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Thank you

I think you should start building simple drones first because there are millions of people have built a drone. And I don’t recommend buying any drones and working on it. So basically build a quad first

I use Arduplane and I start with a demonstrator like this
to learn and to see the functionality. This one is for a flying wing.

br KH

I am going to ask a question differently:
What is the best drone kit compatible with ArduPilot?

I do not which to start everything from scratch. I do neither which a full built drone.
I want a kit that I can assemble.

Thank you.

Welcome to the world of Ardupilot.

The wiki has almost every answer you will ever need. I would advise having a good read through.

Here’s a good place to start

Thanks for your reply
Is this a good way to start?
(I have no DIY skills)

These are good because they include the correct motors and props - this is half the battle and something that’s easy to get very wrong.

Probably the Holybro X500 kit
which has everything except a battery

or the Hexsoon EDU450

but it needs a flight controller and GPS, easy enough to get something.
You might be able to find a supply nearby, chances are it will be someone that sells the Cube flight controllers and other Cube gear.

Thanks xfacta

So if Hexsoon EDU450 here: is the best for Ardupilot, I will probably refer to this one.

You say it needs a GPS and a flight controller. But if I buy the GPS Here3 GPS, i have almost everything for a good start for:

EDU450: 392
Here3 GPS: 215

which gives 600$

Sure, plus a Flight Controller and depending on which one a Power Module and you will want some kind of telemetry. Got an RC system?

I can buy the one they offer here:
So, the full basic package would be:

EDU-450 Quad Frame A$392.85
Here3 GPS A$215.45
Cube Orange Standard Set A$473.00

I have the bugdet

Sure, that will work. Got an RC System?

No, I do not have a RC system. What do you advice?

That tends to be a more personal choice than the other hardware. I wouldn’t use a Transmitter that didn’t run OpenTx so that’s Frsky, Radiomaster or Jumper and one other oddball I forget the name of. I had a Frsky Radio for several years, good stuff. I have a Radiomaster now that I like. You will get many opinions.

So I need those four items:

-the frame: Hexsoon EDU450
-the GPS: Here3 GPS
-the flight controller: Cube Orange
-the RC: something like this

Yes. By all accounts that is a good budget radio. You will need a Receiver also. The Radiomaster R161 would be a good choice to match that radio.

So five items:
-the frame: Hexsoon EDU450
-the GPS: Here3 GPS
-the flight controller: Cube Orange
-the RC: something like this
-Receiver : this one

and I am all set