Total Newbie - Can't get Quadcopter kit to work

Hello, And in advance thanks for any help you can give.

A few weeks ago i decided to buy a quadcopter kit, I wanted to make something while getting something that i’ve wanted for a while. I saw a kit on Amazon and it was a fair price and seemed to have everything that was required to make a basic quadcopter and it also had a camera gimble and that was a bonus.

Item i bought

When it arrived I made sure that everything was in the box and noticed that the Mini-CD that were the instructions was snapped. I contacted the supplier and they sent me a few instructions but they haven’t helped.

I constructed the body and looked online to make sure that all the cabling was correct (took a while) but everything looks ok, and I’ve bound the transmitter to the receiver and that seems to work fine.

When power up the quadcopter it beeps 3 times then a single longer beep.

I can’t seem to power up the motors, They turn slightly when they beep but i can’t seem to get the transmitter to turn on the motors.

I’m not sure but I did install Mission Planner and try to update the firmware and it seems to work but when i enter the terminal I get a lot of random characters as shown in the file i’ve attached to this plea for help.

If anyone has anything that i could try I would be eternally grateful.

Thanks for your time,

Gareth Jones

Looks like you have APM and you updated to FW3.21 right ?
Terminal mode does not work with updated FW but you won’t need it.
Just go here and follow the setup

have armed the motors??

if not you have to arm the motors after powering up your quad using your transmitter…
just hold the throttle down and yaw right for 5 seconds,

now try to give slight throttle…