Total mAh consumption

Is there an easy way in apm planner 2 to display the totally used mAh when using the current sensor? Or anywhere in the data flash log for that matter?

We only get a % from the autopilot. I agree a mAh value would be much more, especially since if you have flown a pack for 5 mins and you have 10min flight time it would be easier to calculate when you hit zero

Hey Bill,

I notice the minimosd-extra code has consumed man. Are they just calculating with current and time?


Hi All,

AFAIK, you can directly see the mah used in the dataflash logs, not only percentage.
I am using Arducopter 3.1.5, in both the missionplanner versions, when you check the dataflash logs, you can see a tab CURR. Inside the CURR tab you will find CurrTot, which is the total current used.

Maybe already too late, but better late than never :wink:



MinimOSD is calculating the mAh based on current and time. Since it’s connected on device on a serial link, they can be more accurate. The problem with the wireless link is that if you lose connectivity, you also end of with a incorrect calculation.

The dataflash log contains data that is not sent over MAVLink.