Topotek EO+IR+LRF Gimbal Camera

Hello everyone,

Topotek KHP290G609L11 - 1080P Daytime + 640*512 Thermal + 1100m Laser RangeFinder, only 255g! Ethernet and HDMI video output.

The 3-system gimbal camera integrates a 5-1100m laser rangefinder, a 1080P daytime EO CMOS sensor (FOV: 60°x43°), a 9.1mm lens 640*512 thermal sensor (FOV: 34.4°x25.8°) and a 3-aixs stabilizing gimbal, coming with built-in cars and humans tracking function.

Welcome to inquire and order!

whatsapp: +86 13858839347

Please post the price information.

can you pls share your mail info if possible. The price for 1 unit is: 4000USD, and I can offer better price for bulk orders.

What protocol does it use? Does Ardupilot support controlling it?

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Hi, our serial protocol is open source, we share our serial protocol to our customers, and our cameras are compatible with Ardupilot.

our cameras support SBUS, UART, UDP and PWM control

@Ellie_Lee_Topotek so the answer is: It is not compatible with ArduPilot, Topotek has developed it’s own serial Protocol instead of using the Mavlink industry standard, and the custumers should create a device drever in C++ for Ardupilot if they want to use this Tropotek camera.

Is that correct?

for mavlink, we can suppor RC_Channel commands, and yes, you’ll need plug-in for Ardupilot, we’re planning to release LUA plug-in soon.

Nice, thank you. Lua is a good option.

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Is LUA plug in available now???

I want to know how one can get gimbal controls on your cameras with herelink system.

Also i want to get GPS cordinates on screen with LRF sensor

I use a lot of your camera and it supports mavlink

Our LUA will be available before January 1st, 2024. BTW, can I have your mail address, pls? Or you can write to my mail: or you can add my whatsapp: +86 13858839347

btw, we support herelink


Please provide a link where you can download a LUA script for controlling the camera and gimbal. Or send the script to this address.
with thanks

1.Firstly, you can download the source code from, then configure the compilation environment, wait for the compilation to complete, and generate the new firmware.2. After installing the new firmware, run the ground station and set the following parameters:

Take the use of flight control TELEM 1 interface and Camera 1 control as an example:
:black_circle: SERIAL1_PROTOCOL Set it to 8 (" Gimbal “)
:black_circle: SERIAL1_BAUD Set the value to 115, which is 115200 baud rate
:black_circle: MNT1_TYPE Set to “12” (”) and restart flight control
:black_circle: MNT1_RC_RATE is set to 90 (deg/s) to control the gimbal speed when using the remote
:black_circle: CAM1_TYPE is set to 4 (“Mount”) to allow camera control
:black_circle: RC1_OPTION Set to 212 (" Mount Roll “) to control gimbal roll through channel 1
:black_circle: RC2_OPTION Set to 213 (” Mount Pitch “) to control gimbal pitch through 2 channels
:black_circle: RC3_OPTION Set to 167 (” Camera Zoom “) to control the zoom through 3 channels
:black_circle: RC4_OPTION is set to 214 (” Mount Yaw “) to control the gimbal yaw through 4 channels
:black_circle: RC6_OPTION Set to 163 (” Mount Lock “) to switch between Lock and Follow mode through 6 channels
:black_circle: RC7_OPTION Set to 166 (” Camera Record Video “) to start or stop gimbal recording through 7 channels
:black_circle: RC8_OPTION Set to 9 (” Camera Trigger “) to take pictures of the gimbal through 8 channels
:black_circle: RC9_OPTION Set to 175 (” Camera Lens “) to control ption-in-picture through 9 channels
:black_circle: RC10_OPTION Set to 168 (” Camera Manual Focus “) to focus manually through 10 channels
:black_circle: RC11_OPTION Set to 169 (” Camera Auto Focus “) to focus through channel 11
:black_circle: RC12_OPTION Set to 174 (” Camera Image Tracking ") to control the gimbal pair through 12 channels Image center point tracking (requires gimbal tracking function)

Please note: Due to the problem of partial flight control, it is recommended to restart the flight control system twice after the successful setting, otherwise some functions may fail.

Владимир Феднин via ArduPilot Discourse <>于2024年3月11日 周一23:19写道:

Hi, good news, our LUA for ArduPilot is available now, pls contact me for details.

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Hi, we have this camera on sale from April 1-15, 2024 with the price set at US$2616, please don’t hesitate to contact me if you are interested, my mail, whatsapp: +86 13858839347