Top of Motor bent

I crashed my Quadcopter into the side of my house at full speed, yeah me, as a result I found that one of my motors is warped. Should I just replace the motor, try to hammer back in place, replace the outer shell?

You can replace the shaft, or the outer part.
Do not bend it back, magnets can come loose or the glue crack, a lose magnet can make the motor jam.

If it’s not some super-expensive ultra-quality motor, I would simply replace it. Getting spare parts and starting to take motors apart usually isn’t worth the effort for cheap motors, especially, if you don’t know much about how those motors are built.
The problem is that after a massive crash, you need to be really an expert to fix a motor so that it doesn’t cause vibrations afterwards. And vibrations are bad for the flight controller and for cameras.

Thanks I ended up buying from 3drobotics a couple new motors, flying like a champ again.