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Top 3 thermal cameras compatible with pixhawk

Hello everyone,

Kindly suggest me Top 3 thermal cameras compatible with pixhawk.

  • FLIR Vue Pro R - Supports many MAVLink commands including shutter and palette control. When using MAVLink only two of the four PWM channels are available.

  • FLIR Duo (Not Pro) - According to FLIR documentation supports many MAVlink commands including shutter and palette control. Mavlink requires both of the two available PWM channels.

  • FLIR Duo Pro R - Only supports MAVLink GPS image tagging - NO shutter, mode, or palette commands and FLIR technical support confirmed this. When using MAVlink only one of the three PWM channels is available.

RHP Boson Viz-IR - ( - No MAVLink but it when released will include an RGB camera and PWM/S-BUS and serial support. I am not sure if this product is being shipped yet.



Hi Rich, Sorry for reviving this old thread. Is there any update to the above list, any new and better options? Also does FLIR Duo Pro R still only supports MAVLink for GPS Tagging, or they have enabled Shutter and other controls via MAVLink?

Many Thanks

The latest firmware version is 01.03.03 but I can’t find any documentation on FLIRs site as to what’s included. I have left a message with FLIR technical support to see if there has been an update, with a more robust MAVlink implementation. I am not hopeful, since this would compete with their DJI product line.

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