Toogle test servo 10

Hello, I’m sorry if my question is too familiar for you but I have no idea about this. At mission planner, flight data, and servo, you can see like this

I use APM 2.x and there are just 8 output for motor servo. How can I use output number 1,2, and 3? and is there a way that I can change servo 9,10,11 in mission planner to be function as output number 1,2, and 3 in my APM?

I’m sorry for my amateur question

servos 1-4 are primary control output, so they are not a valid option.

Thank you for your answer, oborne.

Now, I know that if i want to check my servo works in output 1, choose stabilize mode and servo will rotate as elevator, and other output ( 2,3,4), they are have another function as you can see in forum documentation.